Brodie & Katelyn

B&K 13

I had the privilege of photographing two of my best friends yesterday as we begin to celebrate their engagement. Brodie and Katelyn have such a special relationship with one another and that connection comes across beautifully on camera. I had such a blast getting to share this moment with them and I cannot wait until the big day!

I have known Brodie for many years now and am blessed to have him as a friend. Brodie knows how to have a good time with friends and values spending time with his family. He is very athletic, having played high level hockey most of his life, and enjoys getting his nerd on with superheroes and star wars!

Katelyn is a gem, and such a kind, caring and fun woman. I have been friends with Katelyn since she met Brodie two years ago and I value her friendship greatly. She has embraced Brodie’s nerdy quirks and even shares in his fandom for Disney. Brodie and Katelyn take an annual trip to Disney every summer and this past summer, Brodie popped the question in full Disney style! We had the opportunity to incorporate some of this fun into our photo shoot.

B&K 24

But worry you not, We also threw in some Star Wars fun!

B&K 33

B&K 32

B&K 20

B&K 31

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B&K 16

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