Profile with Logo“She made broken look BEAUTIFUL and strong look INVINCIBLE. She walked with the UNIVERSE on her shoulders and made it look like a pair of WINGS! – Unknown

My passion for photography started back in 2004 when I was on a family vacation in Hawaii and we took a trip to the aquarium. I was so captivated by the colours and movements of the aquatic life that I so desperately in that moment wanted to burn the image into my memory forever. It wasn’t until mid university in 2010 that I realized that there was a way to keep that clear and vibrant memory forever through photos. What attracted me to that aquarium so many years before, the bright colours and how everything blended so beautifully, was what really started my aspiration to learn and develop as a photographer so that I could share that joy and beauty with others.

Over the years I took many photos on various vacations but I didn’t start getting serious and taking the time to gain the knowledge required to actually display the images I wanted to others until a few years ago. I have a few amazing photographer friends who have really helped develop me over the years and although I am nowhere near my potential, I enjoy learning and growing everyday.  Originally, my favourite photos to capture were the pure innocence of nature, but over the past two years, having the ability to work with people and capture their most precious moments has actually been more rewarding than any other venture in my life. Getting to share in an experience with someone and to provide them with physical memories of their life means more than words can describe.

I hope this gives you a quick glimpse into who I am as a person and photographer and I would love to hear your story and maybe capture and share a special moment in your life.


Amanda Dawn